1.1. The Transcarpathian Romany cultural and educational society “Romany Yag” (hereinafter referred to as “Romany Yag”) is an association of citizens that acts on the basis of gratuitousness, equal rights to the members, self-administration, legality and publicity in accordance with the Constitution of the Ukraine.
1.2. The “Romany Yag” society is open for all judges of culture independent of their nationality, political convictions and kind of activity.
1.3. Ukrainian name – “Циганська Ватра”.
1.4. “Romany Yag” communicates with other national and cultural societies, could be included into the other public organizations in Transcarpathia and Ukraine, whose activity does not counteract the fulfillment of the goals and tasks of “Romany Yag”.
1.5. “Romany Yag” could join international public organizations, unions and societies, have direct foreign relations, conclude relevant contracts as well as take part in the measures and actions that do not contradict international obligations of Ukraine and this Statute.

2.1. “Romany Yag” goals:
Romany culture protection, development and propaganda in all its opulence;
revival of Romany language, folklore and ritualism;
assistance in conversation and satisfaction of cultural needs of Transcarpathian Roms, creation of cultural centers, creative and applied associations, art collectives, sports and other clubs;
2.2. Tasks:
organization of Romany cultural festivals, concerts and road shows of Romany art collectives, art and applied exhibitions, youth and children’s festivals;
youth education and training, formation of cicilized norms in youth, creation of sports and other clubs, sections and associations;
assistance in learning Romany language, history, traditions and folklore;
law protection of national dignity, professional, cultural interests of Roms;
representation of Romany interests in the state and elected authorities, public and political international associations and other formations, whose activities do not contradict this Statute;
care of improvement of social, psychological and domestic conditions of the members of society and Transcarpathian Roms at all;
charity work;
organization and realization of cultural and educational measures at the territory of Transcarpathia and, within the framework of cultural relations with other public associations – outside Transcarpathia, including foreign countries;
fulfillment of other authorities specified by current legislation incorporation and creation of different-type companies.
2.3. All it’s activity “Romany Yag” performs in the conditions of wide publicity distributing information about its activities and adoped resolutions.

3.1. The district and the city organizations are the structural units of the regional society and:
are accountable to the relevant district organization or, directly, to the regional society board, whose resolutions are mandatory for fulfillment;
implement the resolutions of authorities, perform all the cultutral and educatonal work, have a right to initiate the cultural and educatonal measures in the district and regional scale;
hold their meetings at least once a month;
elect their chairman, his/her substitute and assistant-treasurer;
report at least annually to the relevant authority.
By their structure the district and city organisations are involved into the regional society and, as the legal entity, obey this Statute.
3.3. The district and city associations are formed of the local basic units and registered in local basis unless otherwise is specified in the Statute.

4.1. General conference is the highest authority of society and is convened at least once a year. The extraordinary conference should be convened by the initiative or request of the board, or by the request of the least one third of registered society members.
4.2. General conference:
approves the determinant direction of “Romany Yag” activities;
approves estimates of expenditure of the society;
elects the sociey board and revision commission, hears statute amendments, introduces and adopts amendments and supplements.
4.3. The conference is competent provided at least two thirds of the delegates deputed by the district and city organizations are present. The resolution is considered adopted if the simple majority of present delegates vote for it (exclusive of cases stipulated in the Statute). The persons invited by the society board may take part in the conference with the advisory vote right.
4.4. In the period between the conferences the “Roman Yag” is managed by the board.
4.5. The membership of the board is determined by the regional conference, and is accountable to it.
4.6. The board:
plans the activities of “Romany Yag” and controls fulfillment of statutory tasks;
elects the chairman of the board, his/her substitute and treasurer;
affiliates the “Romany Yag” members;
control the work of accountable organizations, solves disputable questions;
convenes its sessions at least once a quarter, informs the accountable organizations about the adopted resolutions;
analyses and studies the public opinion;
approves the permanently working board personnel paid a the expense of the society;
– develops the estimate of expenditure for the society demands.
4.7. The board has a right to discredit the chairman of the society by the majority of two thirds of the persons having the decisive vote and present at the session with the simultaneous convening of extraordinary conference within one calendar month.
4.8. The chairman of the society is also the chairman of the board and is elected by the board by open balloting wih the majority of two thirds of persons being present.
4.9. The chairman:
is an official representative of the company at all the levels;
is a coordinator of “Romany Yag” activities;
presides at the board sessions;
concludes all the contracts on behalf of society, employs and discharges the employees;
opens bank accounts, issues financial and other orders;
is personally responsible for the measures in the regional and international scale or instructs the responsible persons.
4.10. The chairman substitute performs chairman’s functions in the case of his/her absence or discretion.
4.11. The chairman of the board has a right of first signature of financial documents.
4.12. General conference of “Romany Yag” elects the revision commission including the head and two members.
4.13. Revision commission:
controls the responsibility of the chairman and the board and the fulfillment of conference resolution and this Statute;
fulfills other one-time tasks of control and revision character on errand of general conference or board.
4.14. The treasurer:
is in charge of banking and cash operations of society;
conducts the relevant documentation;
periodically, at least once a cuarter, reports to the board the banking operations carried out and the financial condition of society;
– has a right of the second signature of the financial documents.

5.1. Any inhabitant of Transcarpathia, who respect the Romany culture and obeys this Statute could be the member of society. Membership in “Romany Yag” could not embarass the membership in any other public association and/or political party.
5.2. Any person that has reached the age of 14 could be the member of society.
5.3. The members of “Romany Yag” assist each other in the fulfillment of statutory tasks.
5.4. The menbers of “Romany Yag” have a right to take part in all measures held by society as well as to dispose of all the cultural and spiritual values and social possibilities possessed by the society.
5.5. The members of “Romany Yag” that have reached the age of 16 have a right to elect the society authorities and a right to be elcted thereto.
5.6. The enlistment to society is done based on the personnel application submitted to the chairman of society.
5.7. The membership in society is fixed. New members have to pay the entrnce fee, while the members – the annual fee, the amounts of the fees to be specified by the board.
5.8. The members obtain the membership cards of the type approved by the board. This card gives a right to take part in all the measures held by society.
5.9. Discharge from the members is done based on the personnel application. The members should be discharged by the conference or board by open balloting with the majority of two thirds of persons being present. The reason for discharge could be a failure to agree with the resolution adopted by the general conference, society board or a failure to agree with the provisions of this Statute.
5.10. The member of “Romany Yag”, who has paid no fee during the calendar year is considered to be automatically discharged.
5.11. The member of society is obliged to obey this Statute.

6.1. “Romany Yag” is a legal entity, and its legal status is determined by the current legislation and this Statute.
6.2. The property of “Romany Yag” is collective and is made of the material values and financial resources.
6.3. “Romany Yag” disposes of, uses and distributes its property in accordance with the purposes of its activities and poperty destination.
6.4. To achieve its goals “Romany Yag” has a right to conclude contracts, acquire property and personal rights and bear liability, act as the plaintiff and defendant in court and court of arbitration.
6.5. “Romany Yag” may have a rght of ownership and a right to incorporate funds, libraries, musea, schools, buildings, clubs, societies, art galleries, lecture centers, concert centers, audio-video and theatre centers, studios and other objects of social, cultural and educational activities.
6.6. “Romany Yag” bears no liability for the duties of its affiliations having the legal entity right and vice versa.
6.7. “Romany Yag” represented by its authorities has a right to rent land, buildings, propery, dispose of lands, act as the official representative of the members of sociey both inside the country and abroad, to perform charity and other activities directed to the fulfillment of statutory task provided this does not contradict curent legislation.
6.8. “Romany Yag” bears liability for its duties with its whole property.
6.9. The source of “Romany Yag” assets are the entrance and membership fees of the members of society, charity and special assignations and donations, as well as the foreign funds and other takings provided this does not contradict current legislation.
6.10. “Romany Yag” has a right to receive as gift and to present the pieces of art and collections.
6.11. “Romany Yag” spends assets to fulfil the tasks specified in this Statute.
6.12. “Romany Yag” has its seal, stamp and forms bearing its name banking accounts, legal address and other details necessary to fulfil its independent activities.
6.13. Society board site: 10 Gyengyesi str., Uzhgorod.
6.14. “Romany Yag” is established for indefinite term.
6.15. “Romany Yag” incorporators are the members of “Romany Yag”.
6.16. “Romany Yag” is established at the conference of incorporation that adopts the Statute and elects authorities.
6.17. The symbols of “Romany Yag” are developed by the board and approved in accordance with the law.
6.18. “Romany Yag” has a right to:
a) distribute information and advocate its ideas and goals;
b) establish mass media (newspapers, journalas, magazines, TV channels, radio broadcasting station etc.).

7.1. The general conference of the members of society has an exclusive right to mke amendments and supplements to the Statute of “Romany Yag”.
7.2. Amendments and supplements are considered to be adopted if they have been voted for by at least two thirds of the persons having the decisive vote and present at the conference.
7.3. Adopted amendments should be registered in due order and terms specified by current legislation.

8.1. “Romany Yag” activities should be discontinued by the decision of the general conference voted for by at least two thirds of the persons having the decisive vote and present at the conference.
8.2. “Romany Yag” should be liquidated in accordance with the current legislation. In the case of liquidation of “Romany Yag” all its financial assets, real estate etc. after the reconcilliation with creditors should be transferred to the Transcarpathian schools, where the Romany children are mainly studying.
This Statute comes into force from the moment of its registration by relevant authorities.

Romani Yag

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